Remanufactured Parts Policy

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Overview of Remanufactured Parts

Honda remanufactures parts that are typically more complex like starters, alternators, power steering racks, etc., that can be rebuilt and resold at a much lower cost.  These parts are disassembled, cleaned, and then rebuilt using a mixture of used, repaired, and new components. This type of part is rebuilt to the same exact specifications new parts are when a model is built. This allows for the same type of quality, with a lower cost and greater warranty. You’ll see this with part numbers that end in “RM”.

Core Charges
Because you need worn out parts to rebuild, Honda requires a core deposit on all remanufactured parts. When you shop for a remanufactured part you’ll see an extra charge listed on the product detail page. Core charges are not negotiable and are fully refundable as long as the following criteria are met:
-    The core is sent back in the original box without damage. We cannot accept any cores that have the Honda parts label missing or obscured in any way.
-    The core being is returned is a factory Honda part. It doesn’t need to be the original one, but we cannot accept cores from any other source than American Honda.
-    The core must be assembled as it came off of the vehicle. We cannot accept disassembled cores.
-    The core must be drained of all fluids before returning when applicable. We will refuse any cores sent back with fluid still in them. Honda Parts unlimited we not be held liable for the shipping of any HAZMAT items.
-    The core must be complete and damage free. We cannot accept incomplete cores that are missing any parts associated with it.
-    The core must be returned within 30 days of receipt. We will refuse any cores outside of this time frame.

The warranty for remanufactured parts is the same in policy to a new part, but remanufactured parts carry a 36-month/36,000 mile warranty unlike a new part.
For information about Honda’s Limited Warranty Policy, you can view that here

Returning a Core
If you purchase a remanufactured item, and would like to send us the core to get a refund on the deposit, first please review the above policy regarding core charges on what the criteria is for the part itself. If the core meets those criteria, please then contact us to receive an RMA so we can expect the core. Any returns not accompanied by an RMA will be refused, and will be sent back at the customer’s expense. Once an RMA is issued please sent the Core back in the following format:
Honda Parts Unlimited Returns
701 W. Bell Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85023

We strongly recommend not only sending the core back via UPS or FedEx to ensure proper tracking, but the package is valued at what the core deposit is, if it is over $100. Honda Parts Unlimited is not responsible for core returns sent from the customer to our facility and cannot be held not liable for any damage incurred in transit or the loss of a package in transit.

Once we receive the core back to our facility, the core will be inspected to ensure it meets the return criteria, and if the core is accepted, a refund will take place within 5 business days from when the core arrives to us.

Rejected Cores
Although most cores sent back are accepted, sometimes cores don’t meet the return criteria and are rejected.
If this happens, you have two options:

1.    You can pay us to ship the core back to you. We will ship the part back using the method of shipping you desire (standard ground up to expedited shipping). We can either take payment over the phone, or we can send you a PayPal invoice.
2.    You can contact a shipping carrier and setup a pickup at our facility. If you choose to setup a pickup on your own, you will need to contact us after to give us the time of the pickup to have it ready. Failure to do so, may result in needing to setup 

another shipment, which you will be responsible for
Unfortunately we will only hold a core for 14 days after it has been rejected. After that time we will assume ownership of the core, and it will be disposed of.