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The use of this site implies the following terms and conditions have been read and agreed upon below. Please read these polices carefully.

Honda Parts Unlimited understands that sometimes a part you ordered may not be needed, so for that reason, we can take back most items we sell. Please make sure to inspect your package upon delivery and notify us immediately about any missing, damaged, or incorrect items. If we are not notified of any problems with your package within 5 business days of delivery, then it is assumed your items arrived in good condition and Honda Parts Unlimited is no longer liable for damaged, missing, or incorrect items.

Return Time Limits
We must be notified within 30 days from the time the order was delivered that a return is being requested. We cannot take any parts back after 30 days. Once the item arrives to us, if a return is being granted, it will be completed within 5 business days of its arrival to our facility.

All returns to us regardless of reason need to be accompanied by an RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number. If you have a return, please contact us with the order ID to obtain an RMA number. Once the number is issued, it will be valid only up to 30 days from receipt of the order. After that the RMA is no longer valid and a return cannot be granted.

Once an RMA is granted, please send the item back using the following format:

Honda Parts Unlimited Returns
701 W. Bell Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85023

Please make sure to include the RMA that was given on the return address, as well as any paperwork sent to you in the box lie the invoice or packing slip. Any packages retuned without an RMA may be refused, and will be sent back to the customer that the customer’s expense.

Parts Not Returnable
Even though we take back most items we sell, there are some that unfortunately we cannot take back (examples are not limited to) if the item is no longer needed. For items needed to be returned due to mis-shipment or warranty, this section does not apply. Please see below sections regarding those situations.
-    Electrical components: ECU’s, wiring harnesses, relays, solenoids, etc.
-    Fuel related parts: Fuel pumps, fuel filters, fuel lines, etc
-    Controlled Parts: These are parts that require a VIN (vehicle Identification Number) to order
-    Bare engine assemblies
-    Tools
-    Chemicals: Oils, grease, and any other fluids
-    Any part that has been taken out of its sealed packaging
-    Any part that has been installed already, even if only to test fitment.
-    Any part that has been damaged either after receipt, or during return shipping
-    Any part with the OEM part label missing, or unreadable
-    Any parts not purchased from Honda Parts Unlimited
Any items returned from the following list will be refused, and the shipping of the item back to you will be your responsibility. He will hold the package until arrangements have been made. Please be advised you will have 14 days to schedule a return, or the items(s) will be put back into stock and respond.

How To Ship Parts Back
Once the RMA has been given, and it's time to ship the part(s) back, please be advised of the following:
- Make sure the original packaging is not damaged. If the item is sent in a box that has a red Honda parts label on it, make sure to send back that item in another box. Any damage to the box which would prohibit us from selling it again as a new part will be rejected.
- If you feel confident in the ability of the shipping carrier to get the item back to us without damage to it, and send it in the original box, make sure there are no shipping labels or packaging material covering critical part information like the red Honda parts label. Any damage to the red Honda parts label caused by the removal of any packaging material or labeling not by American Honda will result in a rejection of the return.
- You can use whatever carrier you like to ship the item(s) back. Our facility accepts deliveries from all major and regional shipping carriers.

Restocking Fees
Any items returned that are simply unneeded or fail to meet return criteria may be subject to a restocking fee of 20% of the item total. Our representatives will determine any special exceptions to this on a case by case basis.

Parts Not Needed
Sometimes you may purchase an item and no longer need it. If a part is returned that is no longer needed, please make sure it is a returnable part (see non-returnable parts above), and meets the return duration. Restocking fees may apply.

International Customers
If you are not located in the United Sates, you can use shipping forwarding service to ship parts to you. If you do utilize this service please be aware there are return restrictions. First, if you choose to ask for no invoice in the box, there will be NO returns for the order. You must have the invoice/packing slip when returning parts to receive a refund. Secondly, you MUST use United States as the country for the shipping address, and not the destination country. If the wrong country is selected, and the order ships using that info, we will not be able to get the package back, and will not send a replacement order.

Parts Shipped Incorrectly
Even though it happens rarely, sometimes we may ship parts incorrectly. If this happens please contact us immediately, and we will issue a return label to send the item back including the RMA. Please make sure to record the RMA for any further questions regarding the return. Once the item has been returned, we can exchange the item for the correct item. The correct item will be sent at no charge to you.

Damaged or Defective Parts
Sometimes parts may be damaged in transit, or arrive and have a defect (they are made with human hands after all). If a part(s) is damaged in transit, please contact us immediately. We will issue a return label to send the item back including the RMA. Please make sure to record the RMA for any further questions regarding the return. Once the item has been returned, we can exchange the item for a new item. The correct item will be sent at no charge to you. Please be advised, we cannot send replacement parts without confirmation by tracking number that the damaged or defective part has been sent back. If time is critical, you are more than welcome to repurchase the item, and have it sent to you. Once the damaged or defective part is returned at your convenience, then a refund for the replacement will be issued in full (including shipping). Also, if the item needed to special ordered, chances are it will need to be special ordered again and may take a few business days to arrive.

If the item is found with a defect in the manufacturing, it will be found applicable to the Honda parts warranty outlined in the Warranty policy.

In some cases we will require you to keep the package in order for it to be inspected by the shipping carrier. If we require this and the packaging is discarded, no return will be accepted

Parts Lost in Transit/Stolen

Once a tracking number states the package has been delivered, Honda Parts Unlimited is no longer liable for the package itself, especially if the no signature required designation is selected (this is the default shipping method). Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the area we are shipping the package to is safe, and if a package is lost or stolen, you will need to contact the shipping carrier to file a missing package claim. If the package is not found, you will be required to make a new order to get the wanted parts again.,

Our parts are all genuine OEM, and are built to be the best quality parts for your vehicle. Even with this, sometimes parts may fail well before they should, and for that reason Honda backs all of their parts with a 12-month Limited Warranty. If a part should ever fail within 12 months of the original purchase date, you can first return that part to any Honda dealership in the United States for a replacement. Please contact us for the certified proof of purchase for that dealer to use. If you wish to send the part back to us, you’ll need to first contact us for both a warranty claim form, as well as an RMA. Once the warranty claim form has been submitted to us, and meets Honda’s warranty criteria, we will issue an RMA to return the item for replacement.

Honda re-manufacturers pars to help keep costs down and reduce the impact on the environment. These parts come with “Core Deposits” or “Core Charges” that are applied to the part to ensure the worn out parts. When returning a core for a refund of the deposit, the part must adhere to the following criteria.
-    Part is returned for core credit in the original Honda box that it was shipped out in without damage to the box and with no marking to the box from any outside sources.
-    The part being returned is a factory part. Any part that is not an original OEM part that was fitted to the same vehicle that the original part was ordered for will not qualify for core refund.
-    Part must be fully assembled as it came off the vehicle.
-    Part must be completely drained of all internal fluid (transmission, power steering, brake fluid etc.) prior to shipping. will not assume any responsibility for the shipping of any Hazardous Material by customers.
-    Core must be complete and damage free. Incomplete parts missing any components will not be eligible for core refund.
-    All cores must be received no later than 30 days from the time of shipping the re-manufactured part(s).
The customer is responsible for shipping all cores include shipping charges. We strongly recommend insuring the package in case of damage. Any core damaged in transit from you to us will be the customer’s responsibility. Any core that is returned and doesn’t meet ALL of the above criteria will be refused and no refund will be given. The customer will then need to ship the item back at their own expense within 14 days, or the part will be discarded.

Rejection of returns
If any return fails to meet the specific criteria laid out in this policy, the part will be held for 14 days to give ample time for the customer to schedule a pickup with a shipping carrier. After 14 days Honda Parts Unlimited will assume ownership of the item, and it will either be discarded, or put into our inventory to sell.

All returns are processed within 5 business days. Restocking fees are at the discretion of our returns administrator, and may be applied if return criteria is not met. All credits are given back to the method payment used, even if the card used is no longer valid, as the funds will go to the subsequent card account. PayPal credits can take up to 3 business days to appear in the account, depending on how the PayPal accounts linked to your card or bank account.