Honda CR-X Parts

Introduced in the 1983 model year, the CR-X is the epitome of a "hot hatch". It blend of size, weight, sportiness has made it one of the most beloved Hondas in the company's history, We are unlikely to see a car in the future that matches the CR-X in terms of fuel economy, sportiness, and value all in one package.

Honda Parts Unlimited, your source for OEM Honda CR-X Parts at wholesale prices.

The CR-X is no spring chicken, and parts are getting harder and harder to locate. Don't fear though, as Honda Parts Unlimited still carries many parts for the CR-X still, and at well below wholesale prices. Whether you are looking for tune up parts like, spark plugs, spark plug wires, or a distributor cap & rotor, or more serious parts like front lower control arms, you can rest assured, that at Honda Parts Unlimited, we only sell 100% OEM parts that are guaranteed to not only get the job done right the first time, but not hit you where it matters the most, your wallet.

The internet is full of Honda parts websites, who all claim to be the best, but once you purchase form us, you'll understand why there is no place better to keeping your CR-X running like new, than Honda Parts Unlimited.