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2015 Honda Civic Coupe

The Honda Civic is one of the most recognized and awarded cars in the world. With over 16 million sold it's also one of the most popular Honda's ever produced. No other vehicle has been synonymous with reliability, fuel economy, and value like the Civic. It's the King of Compacts, and it's going to keep that crown for many years to come

The Civic Coupe is the most popular version of the Civic with buyers who want Honda reliability and value with driving performance second to none. Its sleek, agressive look is perfect for anyone who wants to look good while enjoying the best of what makes a Honda America's best car brand.

Below you learn about some of the Honda Civic Coupe's top career highlights and milestones.

1ST GENERATION (1992-1995)

CLASS: Subcompact
ENGINE: 1.5L I4 / 1.6L I4
LENGTH: 172.8 in
WEIGHT: 2,491 lbs
MPG (M/T): 35city / 41hwy*
MSRP: $9,890-$14,160
It took almost 20 years for Honda to offer the Civic in a traditional Coupe layout, but once it was introduced it was a massive hit with consumers. With a better looking, more aerodynamic design than any Civic before it, and newly appointed V-TEC engine, it won Japan's "Car of the Year Japan" award in 1991; the second such award for the Civic.

2ND GENERATION (1996-2000)

CLASS: Subcompact
LENGTH: 175.1 in
WEIGHT: 2,519 lbs
MPG (M/T): 27city / 33hwy*
MSRP: $12,680-$17,545
The second generation Honda Civic Coupe is arguably the most popular Civic ever produced. In 1999 the Civic became an icon with the introduction of the Si Coupe. With its DOHC V-TEC engine, the Si would become a staple in the sport compact community, and forever be associated by tuners as what a Honda represents.

3RD GENERATION (2001-2005)

CLASS: Compact
LENGTH: 175.4 in (2005)
WEIGHT: 2,405 lbs
MPG (M/T): 31city / 39hwy*
MSRP: $13,660-$19,900
The Si trim was moved to a 3-door body style in 2001, leaving no performance option for the 3rd generation Civic Coupe. It would't matter to the automotive media though, as the 2001 Civic won the "Car of the Year Japan" award for a 4th time. For 2004 models a refreshed front and rear, would give it an even more aggressive look than previous generation Civics.

4TH GENERATION (2006-2011)

CLASS: Compact
ENGINE: 1.8L I4 / 2.0L I4
LENGTH: 175.5in
WEIGHT: 2,600lbs
MPG (A/T): 25city / 36hwy*
MSRP: $15,605-$22,205
The Civic was completely redesigned in 2006, including a new two-tier instrument cluster. The Si Coupe made its return with this generation, and featured a new 2.0L iV-TEC engine. The Civic Coupe was also given a face-lift in 2009, including a new front bumper and grille both reminiscent of previous Civic coupe generations. This car had its life extended past the typical 4 year life-cycle due to the financial crisis of 2008, which forced Honda to start from scratch in designing its replacement.


5TH GENERATION (2012-2015)

CLASS: Compact
ENGINE: 1.8L I4 / 2.4L I4
LENGTH: 176.1
WEIGHT: 2,595lbs
MPG (CVT): 27city / 36hwy*
MSRP: $18,290-$22,890
The 2012 Civic was supposed to be much larger and heavier than previous generations, however Honda decided to focus on keeping the Civic smaller and lighter for customers who were recovering from the 2008 financial crisis. The car was criticized heavily though, as it failed to live up to previous Civics in terms of build quality and handling. For 2014 Honda gave this generation a face-lift, greatly improving its quality and handling performance.


CLASS: Compact
MPG: ?
With the release of the 10th generation Honda Civic, the 7th generation Honda Civic Coupe (pictured left) is sure to be a shining example of Honda's renewed commitment to not only fuel economy and reliability, but driving performance. Stay tuned for more info about this car once it becomes available.

* all mpg figures from US dept of Energy statisitcs

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