Acura Integra Parts

Just as the Civic is to Honda, the Integra is arguably Acura's most iconic vehicle. Based off the Civic's platform the Integra was designed to be a fun sport compact, and share many of the amenities of its larger Acura siblings. It has and will remain one of the most popular and sought after compact cars in the world today.

Honda Parts Unlimited, your source for OEM Acura Integra Parts at wholesale prices.

Just like the Civic, if you own an Integra, you are probably an owner who wants only the best for your car, and don;t want to spend an arm and leg keeping it on the road. Here at Honda Parts Unlimmited, we carry a full line of Integra parts, at or below wholesale prices, so you can keep your Integra running at its best. Whether you are doing simple maintenance, like an engine air filter, or a tune up using spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor, or fixing that pesky V-TEC solenoid gasket that leaks all the time, Honda Parts Unlimited has what you need, and only sells genuine OEM replacement parts that were designed for the vehicle itself, not a wide range of vehicles, ensuring the part you order, fits right the first time.

The internet is full of Acura parts websites, who all claim to be the best, but once you purchase form us, you'll understand why there is no place better to keeping your Integra running like new, than Honda Parts Unlimited.