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2016 Honda Accord Coupe
Since its introduction in 1976, the Accord has been Honda’s flagship car and one of the most popular vehicle models among consumers. It’s been named on Car and Driver’s 10 Best List more than any other vehicle in history due to its excellent combination of fuel efficiency, reliability, innovative features and strong resale value.

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Below you learn about some of the Honda Accord’s top career highlights and milestones.

1ST GENERATION (1986-1989)

CLASS: Compact
ENGINE: 1.6L I4 / 1.8L I4
LENGTH: 175in
WEIGHT: 2083lbs
MPG (M/T): 24city / 28hwy*
MSRP: $3,995.00

Notable features for the first-gen Honda Accord Coupe included hidden headlamps and front and rear double wishbone suspensions, which offered more precise handling and improved stability. Where the rubber meets the road, buyers could get either 13-inch steel wheels or 14-inch alloy wheels on upper trims.

2ND GENERATION (1990-1993)

CLASS: Compact
LENGTH: 174in
WEIGHT: 2220lbs
MPG (A/T): 22city / 27hwy*
MSRP: $8,845.00

The second-generation Honda Accord Coupe was now a midsize vehicle due to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. An all-new aluminum engine with electronic fuel injection was introduced along with new optic reflectors in the headlamps, which made this generation one of the first ever to use them. Also noteworthy, the Honda Accord Coupes now featured an electronically controlled rear engine mount on trims with an automatic transmission.

3RD GENERATION (1994-1997)

CLASS: Compact
LENGTH: 179.7
WEIGHT: 2529lbs
MPG (A/T): 21city / 28hwy*
MSRP: $11,230-$16,530

With a new chassis, the Accord grew even larger in size. An improved four-speed automatic transmission with Grade-Logic shift technology eliminated “gear-hunting” and added safety features like reinforced side-impact beams and dual airbags improved passenger protection. A V-6 engine debuted on the 1995 Accord and equipped vehicles gained a separate hood and taller front fenders to accommodate the taller engine. For all of this, the Accord was awarded "Car of the Year Japan" in 1993.

4TH GENERATION (1998-2002)

CLASS: Mid-size
LENGTH: 185.2in
WEIGHT: 2728lbs
MPG (A/T): 24city / 31hwy*
MSRP: $14,330-$22,100

The 1998 Honda Accord Coupe was the first to receive a differentiated look from the sedan. It gained new wheel, front fascia and rear taillight designs. This was also the first Accord generation to receive cabin air filters as a standard feature. Unique gold-finish dealer-installed Honda Accord accessories were optional, such as wheel center caps and exhaust tips. Along with a 2.3L I4 engine, a new 3.0L V-6 SOHC VTEC was standard on select trims.

5TH GENERATION (2003-2007)

CLASS: Mid-size
ENGINE: 2.2L I4 / 2.7L V6
LENGTH: 185.6in
WEIGHT: 2855lbs
MPG (I4 A/T): 21city/28hwy*
MSRP: $15,100-$25,100

The Accord continued to grow in size in its seventh generation and 2003 Accord Coupe models also grew in terms of power and aggression. Coupes received 17-inch wheels, carbon-fiber trim and a 240-horsepower V-6. Models with the four-cylinder engine began using a timing chain rather than a timing belt and all Accord models now featured five lug nuts on the wheels instead of the previous four layout.

6TH GENERATION (2008-2012)

CLASS: Full-size
ENGINE: 2.3L I4 / 3.0 V6
LENGTH: 189.4in
WEIGHT: 2990lbs
MPG (I4 A/T): 20city / 28hwy*
MSRP: $15,500-$25,300

Once again larger than its predecessor, the 2008 Honda Accord Coupe was now categorized as a full-size car by the EPA. New four-cylinder and V-6 engines were introduced and both offered greater power and efficiency. In addition, new cylinder-deactivation technology allowed the Accord to utilize three, four or six cylinders depending on the driving situation for V6 models. The Accord Coupe gained notable features like an MP3 player in 2008, a USB audio interface in 2012 and an optional rearview camera in 2011.


CLASS: Full-size
ENGINE: 2.4L I4 / 3.0 V6
LENGTH: 191.1in
CURB WEIGHT: 3195lbs
MPG (I4 A/T): 21city / 31hwy
MSRP: $18,625-$27,500

A new Earth Dreams four-cylinder and continuously variable transmission were introduced on the 2013 Honda Accord Coupe. Accord’s front double wishbone suspension was swapped out for a MacPherson strut suspension and the car utilized a larger percentage of high strength steel. New safety features debuted in 2013, including forward-collision warning, lane-departure warning and LaneWatch blind-spot monitoring.

* all mpg figures from US dept of Energy statisitcs

Genuine Honda Accord Coupe Parts & Accessories

It’s important to use genuine OEM Honda parts on your Accord whether it’s a new or used model. Only OEM parts are designed and guaranteed to fit properly the first time, and typically last longer than aftermarket copies. We offer the full gamut of replacement Accord parts, including those required for basic services like replacing a cabin air filter, battery or engine coolant. If you’re performing a more complex job, we’ve got you covered with parts like brake pads, timing belts and starters, as well.

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Commonly Replaced Accord Coupe Parts

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1998-2002 Accord Main Relay

1998-2002 Accord Main Relay (2.3L)

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1999-2000 Accord Heater Control Knob

1999-2000 Accord Heater Control Knob (2.3L)

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2008-2012 Accord Power Steering Rack Assembly (Remanufactured)

2008-2012 Accord Power Steering Rack Assembly (2.4L) (REMAN)

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2003-2007 Accord Engine Air Tube

2003-2007 Engine Air Tube (2.4L)

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2003-2007 Accord Knock Sensor (V6)

2003-2007 Accord Knock Sensor (3.0L)

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2008-2012 Accord Front Brake Pads (3.0L EX)

2008-2012 Accord Front Brake Pads (3.0L EX)

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