About Honda Parts Unlimited


Honda Parts Unlimited started life in 2004 out of Showcase Honda in Phoenix, Arizona. The idea was simple; Create a website to sell OEM Honda & Acura parts, offer the best prices possible, and provide the best customer service possible. This would prove to be a lot easier said than done, as we had quite a lot of competition from dealerships around the United States that had been doing this much longer than us. We were determined to not let that stand in our way.

The website launched in late 2004, And right away we saw we had something special.

A short time after our launch, it was apparent that the marketplace for OEM Honda parts needed us. We learned that not only were we one of the cheapest places to find parts, and able to get parts quicker than our competitors, but were able to do business in ways they couldn’t (like offering shipping of collision parts, and will call pickup). This took our motivation to be even better to an entirely new level.

That’s why in 2013, we moved our operation from Showcase Honda to Bell Honda a few short miles away.  This gave us the same advantages we had before, but gave us an even better opportunity to grow and become the very best online store we can be. With our move, we needed to say goodbye to some of those who helped build HPU into what it has become, and we are forever grateful for those efforts. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Moving forward, we will continue to be innovative in how we connect with customers, the features & services we offer, & strive to improve in all aspects of our operation to be the foremost authority in the United States for EVERYTHING Honda & Acura…MERICA!


Honda Parts Unlimited is obviously an online store, but we are so much more than that. Not only full of great prices on Honda Parts, but great people too. Our staff has many years of experience, and is dedicated to making your shopping experience the best it can be.

We are also Honda Parts Professionals. What does that mean? Unlike some of our competitors, who sell parts, but use Honda dealerships to fulfill their orders, and answer your questions indirectly, we are certified and factory trained in Honda & Acura parts. This means when you contact us, you are actually speaking to a real Honda Parts Professional, not a messenger for one. Why does this matter?  It takes less time to have questions answered from us over the phone or live chat, and you get advice from someone who actually knows what they are talking about, instead of someone who is repeating information to the best of their ability.

With that said, take a moment, to meet our team here at Honda Parts Unlimited.

Joe Tesensky
Parts Director
Joey Branum
Senior Marketing & Customer Accounts Administrator
Steven Mavis
Lead Customer Interactions Liaison
Demetrio Torres
Lead Logistics Administrator
Edar Torres
Senior Logistics Coordinator
Nick McElroy
Junior Logistics Coordinator


Besides pretty faces to look at we here at HPU, have committed to providing our customers the very best in Honda & Acura, and it all starts here at our facility in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona.

Our warehouse is over 20,000 sq ft, and features almost a million dollar inventory, meaning we carry most commonly replaced parts. Now while we carry a lot of common items like most Honda stores have, we carry a lot of not so easy to find parts as well. Have a Honda Passport, Del Sol, or Prelude? We have you covered. Have an Isuzu and can’t find parts for your Rodeo, Trooper, or Oasis? We carry parts for them as well.

This doesn’t mean we carry everything though, so that’s why we use a network of dozens of Honda Parts Distribution Centers across the U.S. to help get you all the parts you need, as soon as possible. Also, being a Honda dealership, we don’t have to worry about needing to have parts forwarded to us by another source like some of those non-dealership stores you see online. This saves you time, and when your car is down, nothing is more valuable.

Need a larger part like a bumper cover, fender, hood, or maybe all of the above? Unfortunately most online part stores don’t have the ability to get you these parts and will almost always refer you to a dealership; but who wants to pay MSRP for these huge parts? Isn’t that why you went online in the first place? That’s why we work with major shipping carriers to offer you shipping on most collision parts with up to 75% off the daily posted rate!


An About us page wouldn’t be complete without the most important part our business…YOU! It might be strange to see an about you section on the about us page, but we feel that our customers make us who we are as a company, and without your support, we wouldn’t be here so we’d like to take this opportunity to showcase you guys. You are the driving force here at Honda Parts Unlimited, and everything we do is to give you the best experience online when shopping for Honda or Acura parts. We genuinely enjoy helping you guys find the parts you’re looking for, for the cheapest prices possible (“stealer-ship” is such an unfair term), and keeping your Honda or Acura on the road for many years to come!

We hope you’ll agree, as without YOU, we wouldn’t be HPU!